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Have you heard of baby bottle tooth decay? Read this post we’ve put together to find out about this sickness and its adverse effects.

Bottle rot in babies and young children is defined as called because tooth erosion in that age bracket is frequently caused by materials high in sugar given to children via bottle. Also known as early childhood caries or bottle rot, baby bottle tooth decay can lead to toothaches and the loss of teeth in children, and it can even cause oral problems for the affected child that carry into adulthood.

Sustaining a child’s dental health after baby bottle tooth decay services involve the same instructions as foiling baby bottle tooth decay: assist children to practice great dental hygiene by helping them brush twice per day and floss one time per day. If your child is very young, you should use dental wipes to clean their chompers and gums of sugar and cavity-triggering bacteria. With these robust oral hygiene habits made in their youth, your child will enjoy a healthy oral cavity throughout their life.

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