The whitening of teeth to enhance the smile has been done successfully for many years now, in the majority of case types. For those cases that do not respond to whitening procedures, the option of porcelain veneers is likely the next step.

We have seen an evolution of materials and techniques over the past 3 decades, with everything from whitening agents used while brushing your teeth and custom tray bleaching that requires taking impressions to light-activated systems that are performed chairside at Designing Smiles PSC; however, all of these treatments can be time consuming and often difficult to fit into everyone’s schedule.

Many, if not all, of these whitening strategies have worked to some degree, but the trend has continued to be that of simplification. Today, our dentist has access to materials that can be placed in the mouth for 20 minutes and thrown away as single-use whitening trays. The one constant that has always been and will continue to be is that every case is different and may require a slightly different approach. Dr. Dennis Jenkins can help you find the best option, based on your color type, tissue sensitivity, tooth sensitivity, and even your psychologic makeup.

If you want to explore the easiest, least expensive option to enhance the color of your teeth, or perhaps the teeth of a friend or family member, reach out to our team by calling us at 812-246-3386. We are always happy to explore the options tooth whitening in Sellersburg, Indiana, and decide on a best option that fits your needs.