Though quite honestly dentures have always had a bit of a negative connotation, they are a tremendous option for patients who, for various reasons, have outlasted their natural teeth. Consider that the original cosmetic dentistry came in the form of the denture. Oftentimes, the teeth were removed simply as an alternative that allowed for a prettier smile. Today, of course, there are many options that our dentist can offer to maintain your teeth and improve your smile without removing them. With that being said, there are far too many patients who are unaware of the options available, especially in regard to complete dentures and all the variations that can be life changing in so many ways.

Today, advanced technology and materials allow Dr. Dennis Jenkins to produce digital dentures that are reproducible with the touch of a button. In addition to that, Designing Smiles PSC can now can affix dentures to dental implants, which is probably one of our most accomplished advancements in modern dentistry. To take a patient from not eating solid food to enjoying a nice filet on a Saturday night is indeed life changing. Plus, the fact that we can make your dentures in Sellersburg, Indiana, look beautifully natural, as if the patient never lost their teeth in the first place, is truly remarkable. If you have questions regarding the advancements in the world of dentures, please call us at 812-246-3386. We are happy to assist you in exploring the best options for your individual case. Experience the difference at Designing Smiles PSC; it is what we do best!