Dental veneers, most often referred to as porcelain dental veneers, offer our patients the ability to dramatically alter the shape, color, and position of a tooth or teeth in an effort to enhance the esthetics of their smile. Veneers can also add strength and stability to the treated tooth. The porcelain veneer is a very thin, very strong, and extremely artistic piece that is custom-fabricated for each individual tooth. Whether you are treating one tooth or all of your teeth, each veneer is custom-made. Because the porcelain material is extremely dense, porcelain veneers can resist the stains that oftentimes build up on natural teeth, thus remaining stable and gorgeous for years and years. The smiles that our dentist has created with porcelain veneers provide patients with a natural, vibrant smile that they can treasure and maintain for a lifetime.
Indications for porcelain dental veneers:

  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Altering the color of darkened or stained teeth
  • Rebuilding length and changing the shape of unsightly teeth
  • Correcting of crooked teeth
  • Restoring chipped, fractured, or broken teeth

Oftentimes, these veneers are placed in multiples, thus encompassing an entire smile and creating dramatic changes that can be life changing for our patients. Visit our smile gallery to see some beautiful examples of our patients showing off their gorgeous smiles. You can also call Designing Smiles PSC at 812-246-3386 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dennis Jenkins today.