At Designing Smiles PSC, we encourage a customized approach to patient care that follows not only the recommendations of the American Dental Association but that is specifically planned to provide our patients with the finest care possible for their individual needs.

The dental “checkups” and cleanings are traditionally the gateway to dental treatment, and they certainly are a great first step in assessing individual needs, determining treatment options, and creating a plan for long-term, comprehensive health.

At Designing Smiles PSC, we emphasize the importance of making proper diagnoses, and in taking the time to educate patients and explain procedures when questions arise. We allow more than enough time to create a relaxed environment from which our relationship with each patient can begin to grow and a trust can develop. Dr. Dennis Jenkins feels that nothing is more important than creating a two-way conversation that leads to a value for comprehensive, full-body health, all of which starts with dental health.

A typical cleaning appointment will usually include the following:

  • Health review and medical update
  • Needs assessment
  • Radiographs and photographs as indicated
  • Cleaning of the teeth (Prophylaxis) as indicated
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Examination of teeth and gums
  • Review of findings and recommendations for future treatment needs

Most often, our patients are seen for routine checkups at 6-month intervals; however, individual needs vary, and our dentist may suggest more frequent care if there are signs of more serious dental issues.

At Designing Smiles PSC, customized care requires that we think outside of the traditional norms. Doing so allows us to provide to best care possible for our patients, and the results are found in our incredibly healthy patient family.

We look forward to an opportunity to build this relationship with you and your family! Please call us today at 812-246-3386 to schedule your next dental checkup and cleaning in Sellersburg, Indiana!