One of the areas in which we truly excel here at Designing Smiles PSC is in the reconstruction of the adult dentition. Full mouth reconstructions are defined by recognition, diagnosis, and planning treatments for patients that have, for various reasons, lost and or destroyed his or her teeth far too early in life, thus resulting in the need for their smile to be restored in a comprehensive way. Sometimes, our dentist may initially recommend this treatment because of a patient’s esthetic desires, while other times – and really, most often – it is driven by functional issues that arise from debilitated dentition. Regardless of the driving force, the outcome will always be one of function and esthetics. A patient that can smile confidently and eat with that same confidence is a life changed. With so many restorative options available to our patients, there is no reason why patients should accept less than the ability to eat, drink, and enjoy life’s pleasures that come socially with these activities.

Reconstruction cases can involve many different aspects of dentistry, and they will usually challenge the most skilled dentist. Truly one of the most life changing things that Dr. Dennis Jenkins and our team can do for a patient is to return their smile to them, as well as the ability to live life normally in ways that had previously been lost.

Certainly, every case is distinctly different, and we will often schedule complimentary consultations for patients to explore the options.
If you have questions about your teeth and would like to explore the possibilities regarding reconstruction of your teeth and smile, we welcome you to call 812-246-3386 and experience the difference at Designing Smiles PSC.