Dentistry is probably the one profession that has literally attempted to wipe out its own existence through advancements in prevention. Consider the development of fluoride as a supplement to prevent tooth decay, and one that has single-handedly reduced tooth decay in the later part of the last century. We have continued to make tremendous strides in the treatment of gum disease and the prevention of bacterial infections in the oral cavity.

Preventative dentistry starts with routine care on a regular basis, which includes establishing a consistent dental home that can track and monitor your dental health. At Designing Smiles PSC, we pride ourselves on our approach to early diagnosis and treatment as a prevention of advanced disease or the destruction of teeth.

Prevention is not limited to any one aspect of dentistry; instead, it is characterized by a customized individual plan for our patients, based on their needs. This plan will likely vary, as everyone’s needs will differ. The key to prevention is to educate, demonstrate, and provide knowledge to our patients so that they recognize issues before they become problems. As an adjunct to recognition, the proactive use of medicaments and supplements play a huge role in preventative dentistry. Feel free to consult with our highly-educated dentist, Dr. Dennis Jenkins, and team on the topic of preventative dentistry in Sellersburg, Indiana, and how it can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime! Call us today at 812-246-3386!