As most people are aware, the teeth can be compromised and damaged by the formation of cavities, trauma, and sometimes simply by the way they fail to adequately develop. Oftentimes, these defects are repaired or restored using advanced, tooth-colored materials that strengthen the tooth while at the same time creating an anatomically natural tooth. At Designing Smiles PSC, Dr. Dennis Jenkins believes strongly that anytime a tooth is altered, it should be restored to appear and function exactly as it was designed to be. We not only want your tooth to look nice, but it must do the job of a tooth. If the tooth is flat or misshapen, it will not perform correctly, leading to other chewing issues over time. As we evaluate existing fillings, crowns, and various other types of restorations, correct function is always paramount.

When you visit our dentist for a dental filling in Sellersburg, Indiana, your fill will always be tooth-colored and placed with the most advanced materials available; we are able to do this simply because dentistry is constantly evolving in a positive direction. With the advantage of these advanced materials and Dr. Jenkins’ meticulous effort to recreate nature, we feel strongly that our patients should feel confident that we are not replacing your teeth but simply restoring them to their natural state. Call us today at 812-246-3386 for more information!

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