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During this holiday time of year, lots of us spend special time with friends and family consuming special meals and enjoying lots of snacks. However, this increased eating time can have a negative effect on your health, and if you’re not wary, all that extra snacking can result in cavities or periodontal disease. With a tiny bit of careful timing, you can drastically lower your odds of developing dental caries and gum disease.

Have you heard that spit formation grows when you consume your meals? This extra spit protects the teeth by washing out food remnants from between the teeth. If you were to eat the impact of your snacks around your meal times, that extra saliva would help to protect your teeth from the sugar in the snacks. Instead of chomping away at finger foods and treats for hours on end this New Year’s Eve, plan your snacking time around your meal-time hours to guard your teeth; your teeth and gums will be glad that you did.

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