Identifying the Source of the Stains on Your Smile Will Help Prevent New Stains

A dull, yellow smile can have a serious negative impact on your self-confidence and quality of life. Unfortunately, most whitening products sold in stores rarely have the potency to fully whiten your teeth. In fact, some of these products could even be harmful to your oral health. One safe and easy solution is to contact… Read more »

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Whether you believe it or not, there are things in the world today that can take your white and brilliant smile and turn it into a dull, yellow smile that you despise. This is why it’s important to do all you can to maintain the attractive smile you deserve. Some things that can cause discoloration… Read more »

A Toothache Always Requires Immediate Examination and Treatment

A toothache is no laughing matter and it should never be taken lightly. While the pain or ache in the gums might start out minor, it will inevitably increase. This is often a symptom telling you that something more significant is wrong with the tooth and it requires treatment by your dentist, Dr. . If… Read more »

A Tooth with Fractured Enamel Might Need to Be Restored by a Crown

Your teeth have been designed to be durable enough to bite, chew, and grind common foods. If you grind your teeth at night, use your teeth as tools, or have a bad habit of nibbling on foreign objects, it can cause a large chip or fracture in the tooth enamel. Even if the damage doesn’t… Read more »

Helpful Information for Lip Injury First Aid

Accidentally biting your lip while eating a meal or enjoying a snack is rarely a cause for concern. However, there are other times when a blow to the face or other oral accident can cause significant trauma. To help you adequately provide first aid to an injured lip, your dentist, Dr. , offers these basic… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Keeping Your Dental Bridge in Pristine Condition

Your dental bridge might seem like a strong dental appliance that can never be damaged or harmed. However, even though your bridge is indeed reliable and tough, there is still a chance tooth decay or gum disease could harm the abutments that anchor the bridge into place. This is why it’s important to take good… Read more »

You Cannot Go Wrong With Either Dental Veneers or Dental Crowns

You cannot go wrong with either dental veneers or dental crowns when choosing a tooth restoration service. They both feature state-of-the-art technology combined with the master craftsmanship of our dentists at to give you an unbelievable substitution for any damaged teeth you have. Below are some of the advantages of each: The advantages dental crowns… Read more »

A Knocked-Out Tooth Needs Timely First Aid and Treatment

A blow to the face that knocks one of your teeth out is always a significant oral trauma. When this happens, timely first aid and immediate treatment will improve your chances of having the tooth implanted back into place. Even if the tooth cannot be saved, it will also help reduce your chances of suffering… Read more »

An Extracted Tooth Can Be Fully Restored in Your Mouth by a Bridge

Losing a tooth can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Not only will it impair your ability to chew food, but it can also mar your appearance and slur your speech. In time, the surrounding teeth might even move out of their natural alignment in reaction to the lost tooth. In a… Read more »

2 Reasons to Use Mouthwash

You may think that brushing and flossing are all you need to do in order to have great oral health. While that’s technically correct, you can improve your oral health even more by using mouthwash. This is something our team here at in , recommends highly. So let’s look at two reasons as to why… Read more »