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Any partial or dentures that Designing Smiles PSC fits you for will be custom designed to fit securely to the structure of your underlying gums. Even with this tight fit many people like adding denture adhesive for an extra secure hold as well as to help block out food particles.

If a few stray food particles do happen to work their way between the base of your partial or dentures it can seriously irritate your gums. This can be quickly remedied by removing the until from your mouth and giving it a thorough rinse. Ideally, you want to rinse away the food particles as well as any residual denture adhesive. You can then use a paper towel to dry the partial to give you a smooth clean surface to reapply new denture adhesive.

When you are shopping for denture adhesive, you should always look for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This seal represents that the ADA has subjected the product to rigorous testing and research to prove its safety and effectiveness.

If you have dentures or a partial and have questions about the best way to secure and maintain them, you can always call Designing Smiles PSC’s team of dental professionals in Sellersburg, Indiana at 812-246-3386 for a consultation.