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If appropriate oral health care routines are not observed on a daily basis, your teeth can become injured, which can result in a cavity forming. If a cavity takes hold, tooth loss can eventually occur. The desire for a cavity-free smile awaits with dental fillings. The key to understanding dental fillings includes the following:

– Dental fillings can keep teeth safe against the risk of cavities.
– Tooth-colored composite fillings can impersonate the shade of your natural teeth for a seamless blend that can easily go unnoticed.
– Dental fillings can be restored or replaced, so if a dental amalgam splits, it can be taken out and replaced with a new one. If a composite filling splits, it can be repaired or covered over without removing the original filling.
– Dental amalgams can be used to correct large cavities, and composite fillings can be used to correct small and medium-sized cavities.

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