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You may have heard that you’ll need to floss and brush your teeth regularly if you’d like to enjoy a healthy smile. For example, you may have heard that keeping your smile clean should be a crucial part of keeping your mouth healthy. However, would you be surprised to hear that eating certain foods might also help you keep your smile healthy? Chewing gum could also help you keep your smile clean.

You are probably aware that chewing on candy and sugary foods will leave you more vulnerable to cavities. To prevent this problem, please remember to choose sugar-free gum. If you’re interested in keeping your teeth strong and in negating the bad bacteria that can cause tooth decay, we also suggest choosing a pack of gum that contains xylitol.

Naturally, chewing gum is also extremely helpful as it promotes chewing, which promotes saliva flow, which actually plays an important role in cleaning your smile. Saliva could also strengthen your teeth and gums. However, please remember that chewing gum may be beneficial, but it shouldn’t serve as a substitute for flossing and brushing your teeth.

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