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Using effective products designed for cleaning your teeth will improve your daily oral hygiene efforts. Choosing products that carry the American Dental Association Seal verifies that your product is both safe and effective.

Today our Designing Smiles PSC team in Sellersburg, Indiana, would also like to share some oral hygiene basics that you can benefit from, namely, the toothbrush and toothpaste you use every day. Remember, you want to brush at least twice a day, for two minutes. Follow up with flossing once a day, and use an oral rinse if you need a boost.

So, what kind of toothbrush are you using? Soft-bristled ones your clean teeth while protecting enamel and your gums. Rounded bristles are good for your gums, and flat or multilevel brushes excel at cleaning. Small or compact heads let you clean the back of the mouth, and an electric or battery-powered toothbrush benefit people who have trouble maneuvering a manual brush or can’t brush long enough. Always let your toothbrush air-dry (uncovered) in between uses.

Replace your brush, or brush head, when the bristles start to fray, or every three months.
Your toothpaste choice should reflect your needs. A whitening paste lightens tooth stains while a desensitizing one keeps sensitive teeth from feeling pain when exposed to temperature extremes. A toothpaste containing fluoride helps you win the fight against cavities while an anti-gingivitis one relieves red, bleeding gums. Does tartar like to build upon your teeth? Then using a tartar-control toothpaste will give you the protection you need.

Please call our team at 812-246-3386 if you have questions or concerns, and remember to round out your oral hygiene habits with bi-annual dental cleanings. Your dentist, Dr. Dennis Jenkins, is always here for your smile!