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Do you ever wake up with headaches? Do you have sensitive teeth? Would you be surprised to learn that both of these problems could be the result of teeth grinding? Still, while these are serious issues, did you know that there are other common problems that could cause a sore jaw?

Again, teeth grinding could be a major problem, but did you know that you could grind your teeth without ever realizing it? Sadly, many people grind their teeth while they sleep or as a nervous habit. Furthermore, you could have to deal with a number of other problems if you don’t address teeth grinding. For example, teeth grinding can lead to chips and fractures, enamel erosion, and even tooth loss.

Another common cause of stiff or sore jaws is TMJ disorder. This disorder affects the joint that controls the movement of your jaw. If you have this issue, you may notice frequent headaches and you may hear strange noises when you move your jaw. Sadly, TMJ disorder can also lead to teeth grinding.

Finally, if you’re stressed or have anxiety, you could have a sore jaw. You see, some people clench their jaw when they’re stressed, which leads to this tension. Fortunately, there are other options you can consider for dealing with tension in your jaw. If you’re suffering from this problem, we recommend speaking to our dentist about other things you could do.

Fortunately, our team can help you cope with any of these issues. If you’re interested in learning more about dealing with a sore jaw in Sellersburg, Indiana, we invite you to contact Designing Smiles PSC at 812-246-3386. Dr. Dennis Jenkins and our team are eager to hear from you soon.